About Us

The Student Support Services of the Alamance-Burlington School System supports the health and wellness of students and their families. Our role includes serving as an advocate, a coordinator, a consultant, and a liaison between school, home and the community. In addition, our Student Support Services staff helps guide and influence positive school policies and works to create important systematic changes. Each area of our team is essential to making Student Support Services work for our students and families!

  • About this site

    Through a partnership with Connect with Kids, the ABSS offers parents, students, teachers, support staff, and the school community access to hundreds of Connect with Kids streaming videos featuring real kids talking about today’s very real issues, along with the latest research and interviews with experts. Topics include character and life skills; achievement and resilience; bullying prevention; digital citizenship; drug and alcohol abuse prevention, college and career readiness, and health and wellness. The two- to eight-minute video segments are designed to fit the busy schedules of students and teachers in the classroom, counselors and staff, and children and parents. The accompanying print resources help to continue the conversation as students, parents, support service staff, and teachers listen and learn from each other. Note that the print resources are best used under the guidance of a teacher, facilitator and/or parent.

  • About Connect with Kids

    Founded in 1998, Connect with Kids, Inc. is an instructional media company that produces video documentary programs for television, and evidenced-based, multimedia programs for schools with a focus on student behavior, social and emotional well-being, and parent engagement. Using the power of storytelling and peer-to-peer learning, Connect with Kids programs spark emotional connections and inspire positive behavior among students and cultural change within schools and communities. Connect with Kids owns one of the nation’s largest non-fiction multimedia libraries, with more than 6,000 hours of video featuring real kids and teens sharing their real stories, as well as leading experts sharing practical and proven advice. Our video resources — complete with educational curricula — address topics such as bullying prevention; drug and alcohol prevention; academic motivation; life skills and character development; health and wellness; attendance; career readiness, and more.

Research and Methodology

Connect with Kids has been designated an “Effective Producer” of programs by the U.S. Department of Education and appears on the prestigious U.S. Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse List. Research shows that schools using Connect with Kids programs experience:

  • A decrease in physical and verbal aggressive behaviors among students.
  • A decrease in the likelihood of students using drugs and alcohol.
  • An increase in positive social and emotional behaviors among students.
  • Improved communication among students, teachers and parents.